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World wide leader in the reffil of printer cartridges

Reffil and save up to 50%, one of the fastest developing chains in the world, over 1100 stores in, 25 countries around the world, a very profitable investment.

Its core business is refilling empty printer cartridges. Over the past few years, refilling printer catridges has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. And when you look at facts, it is easy to understand why. Information technology has taken the world by strorm. Anyone and everyone in the western world has a computer for their business and their home. Computers need printers and printers need Cartridge!

With the development of digital photography comes a large increase in the usage of inkjet printer Catridge World is idealy positioning to refil the empthy cartridge which run out of ink or toner on a regular basis.

Why Customer want this industry?
First of all, they save money. by refilling and recycling their catriges instead of buying new ones, people can save up to 50% on the cost a new Cartridge. And with replacement Cartridges costing up to 400,00 euros thats no small change!
Secondly, because recycling catridges is enviromentally friendly, people feel good about preserving the enviroment.

Why this Franchise System Works so well?
The success of this concept is a result of; propriery equipment and products, at the forefront of industry, it is fun and at least the high profile locations.

Address: 46 Thrasivoulou Str., 152 34 Halandri, Athens, Greece 
Tel.:  +30 210 6817060      
Fax: +30 210 6817769
Web site: www.cartridgeworld.com
E-mail: franchise@cartridgeworld.gr
Manager Director: Christodoulos Kalogiros
Marketing Director:  Dimitris Pafliotis



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