Development must start off on the right foot

Crocodilino is one of the most recognized and credible brands of children footwear in the Greek Market. Over the course of its 30 years of history, it has established a particularly strong brand name, achieving a high ranking position in children’s shoes sector. High quality combined with affordable prices and a wide range of shoe designs for ages 0-12 years both for boys and girls, has contributed significantly to this success, keeping its dynamic and very demanding customers always satisfied. Once the customer steps into the store, they are offered a great shopping experience, selecting from a vast variety of colors, styles and designs that meet the needs of every child. It is also very important that the company creates its own products. The production unit is trained thoroughly to check every stage of production in order to ensure that the final product meets the high quality standards. The process of producing an appropriate children footwear is complicated due to the fact that the shoes may affect the proper development of the child. Through its longstanding experience, CROCODILINO has gained  a thorough knowledge on shoe making and designing.

The profile of the franchisee 

Crocodilino’s franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds. There are people purely interested in investing, multi unit franchisees who run several stores, women providing a secondary income for their families, young couples or people in retirement. No previous experience or specific qualifications are required. What is of a great importance for us is that a potential partner shows enthusiasm and is interested in company’s concept and philosophy; is ambitious enough to work hard and have a developed team spirit. 


Apart from a comprehensive store design and build-out program, we offer a full initial and on-going training (seminars, instructions, leaflets, daily support). Consistent and skilled guidance is provided throughout the opening process, followed by daily assistance to those with no special knowledge in order to reassure the successful operation of the store. The company has a dedicated and experienced team to provide support to the franchisees, always eager to assist them with every aspect of their business, from day-to-day operations to inventory selection and purchasing. 

Development planning

Being the largest chain of children’s footwear stores in Greece and one of the top brands in Europe, CROCODILINO is expanding its network abroad. Specifically, in December 2008 the company concluded a master franchise agreement for the market of Cyprus. The Balkans market is considered highly potential due to the constantly increasing consumer awareness and demand of a modern parent of higher quality product which is both affordable and has an element of individuality. 


Distribution & Franchise: INTERMODA S.A.

Tel: +30210-9976500, Fax: +30210-9976599

E-mail: info@intermodagroup.gr

Web site: www.crocodilino.gr 



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