Woman leads- fashion follows

With 30 years of history in the fashion industry, Raxevsky is one of the leading companies, in production and selling of female clothing in Greece. Since 1995 Raxevsky has opened 69 stores showing dynamic development and progress in Greece and abroad. 

With their quality, perfect tailoring, inspiration and good taste, Raxevsky clothes always follow and adopt world wide trends and win new and demanding markets outside Greece.

Under the brand name Raxevsky and Colori by Raxevsky and through strategic partners, company products, organizational structures and strategy, have already been successfully put to the test in Egypt, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania. 

Philosophy and Vision to conquer Europe

Raxevsky’s philosophy revolves around 4 major principles:

  1. To create garments based on fashion trends but with their own identity
  2. To create a full range collection for any occasion
  3. To provide quality at reasonable prices [value for money]
  4. To provide excellent service

The ultimate goal is to make Raxevsky a multinational company. Τhe expansion strategy of Raxevsky includes the development of a network of brand-name stores centrally-located in the main shopping districts of towns across Europe. Each store will have a uniform look and a united strategy always adapted to the local needs. 

Raxevsky by numbers

  • 60 shops in Greece
  • 20 shops in Attica
  • 8 shops in Europe
  • 4 stock houses
  • 290 employees in Greece
  • 28 employees in Europe
  • 560,000meters of fabric
  • 3,800,000 meters of thread
  • 4 countries wearing Raxevsky
  • 30 years in operation
  • 4,950m2 total stores area
  • 8,350m2 of administrative and storage space
  • 100% Greek
  • 101 window displays
  • 350,000 Raxevsky magazines yearly

Tools of Success by Raxevsky
Since RAXEVSKY is characterized by a strong belief in brand awareness and customer loyalty, the company keeps  building a powerful  brand name by heavily investing in advertising and public relations.

Moreover, every year there is accomplished heavily investment in Marketing Activities (8% of the total turnover). Media usage is mainly television via National Channels and of course fashion and life style magazines. International-oriented magazines such as ELLE, Marie-Claire, Madame Figaro, Cosmopolitan, In Style are also used in Greece and abroad.
The company organises a lot of press events and fashion shows for the presentation and promotion of each new collection.
Another important promotional tool for Raxevsky and Colori by Raxevsky is Raxevsky magazine. In the beginning of each season her customers receive an impressive fashion magazine that presents the new collection, fashion news and trends, interviews and of course the latest news of the company.
Every new collection is been photographed in a different place around the world thus enhancing the company’s vision of making Raxevsky international.
The company invests in cooperation with opinion leaders and stylists in the fashion world to be shown everywhere. 

“Strong and long-term relationships with partners who share our vision for excellence”

An attractive franchise opportunity

Raxevsky successfully operates 19 franchise stores in Greece and abroad. The company values strong and long-term relationships with partners who share its vision for excellence, growth and expansion in the fashion industry.

Raxevsky’s partners benefit from a leading brand-name, the company’s expertise, a wide range of products and strong marketing and promotional tools. 


Tel.: 210 2899500 

Fax: 210 2847532

E-mail: info@raxevsky.gr/franchising@raxevsky.gr 

Web Site: www.raxevsky.gr



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