The title is enough to demonstrate the difference of “Zio Peppe Pizza al metro”!

It all started back in 1996 in the island of Rhodes, when Ms Theodoropoulou decided to develop her expertise in Italian pizza. As a result, she presented to the local market a new product “pizza by the meter”.

This innovative product gives the absolute freedom to the customer, to enjoy fresh pizza in any quantity he wishes! He can also choose his favorite pizza, from a wide variety of tastes.

Zio Peppe uses all the best ingredients and all the products are freshly made, everyday in every store.

Since 1998 there is a constant interest in investing to the brand. So, the company has decided to expand the brand through Franchising. Today, apart from serving pizza, Zio Peppe offers Pasta, Focaccia, Panini, Calzone and Bruscetta. The brand counts 22 stores in Greece and 5 in Albania and it aspires to expand in the Balkan region.

Contact info:

 Tel: +30 2109590349

E-mail:  info@ziopeppe.gr

Web site: www.ziopeppe.gr



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