Oxette is a Greek brand of Perideo S.A which operates in the field of manufacturing, distribution and sales jewels, watches and fashion accessories. With over 25 year’s experience, Perideo S.A has succeeded a strong presence not only in Greece but abroad as well.                     

Dynamic expansion

First launched in Thessaloniki in 1998, Oxette drew the attention of the customers and the market in a short time. With 23 company-owned shops, 11 franchise shops, 31 shops-in-shop and 103 points of sale in Greece and 28 shops abroad, Oxette is one of the most developing retail chains in the jewels and watches sales industry. 

Wide collection for the contemporary man and woman

Oxette represents all contemporary women and men that love fashion and want to be different by wearing jewels that reflect their style and express their personality. The characteristic creations made of silver 925 in combination to semi-precious stones and modern materials express the last fashion trends of the global market and art. At the same time, the identical combination of best price and quality has gained the preference of consumers.  Oxette creates two main collections every year that are being boosted with two additional –flash collections in high-season periods (Christmas-summer) while supported by intense advertising –promotion. 

Minimalism and luxury

Oxette collection is available at mono-brand shops, shop in shop and corner which architecture design reflects the brand’s philosophy.

Based in the principles of minimalism, stores’ architecture consists of simple lines, dominant white colour, elegant lighting, transparent surfaces and luxurious details that provide to the customer a very pleasant shopping experience. The wide range of watches covers from casual to evening outfits as it includes from timeless elegant pieces, to impressive sporty chronographs made of ceramic, stainless steel 316 L from leather, silicon and  rubber straps. The collection is completed with in fashion accessories! 

The Franchise Business Proposition

Oxette transforms passion for jewelry in a smart thriftily business activity. Oxette’s long-term and stable collaboration includes design for the shop from experienced architects, a lifetime support during the creation and operation of each shop, the continuous renewal of the goods, the strategy and the research of the marketing campaign of the brand from qualified staff in marketing department.


Tel.: +30 2310286426

E-mail: info@perideo.gr

Web Site: www.oxette.gr



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