• Serbian International Franchising EXPO- 4-5 Novembre 2011

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    L’ INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISE EXPO de Serbie aura lieu sur 4 - 5 Novembre 2011 à Belgrade Belexpocente. Il s'agit d'une collaboration entre la Chambre de Commerce de Serbie (section centrale de la franchise) avec l'Association serbe de franchise et le soutien de la Chambre de commerce américaine. L' INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISE EXPO de Serbie possesse une place importante dans les affaires et le dével...


    Rédigé le 23/05/2011


    World wide leader in the reffil of printer cartridges Reffil and save up to 50%, one of the fastest developing chains in the world, over 1100 stores in, 25 countries around the world, a very profitable investment. Its core business is refilling empty printer cartridges. Over the past few years, refilling printer catridges has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. And ...

  • Crocodilino

    Rédigé le 19/05/2011


    Development must start off on the right foot Crocodilino is one of the most recognized and credible brands of children footwear in the Greek Market. Over the course of its 30 years of history, it has established a particularly strong brand name, achieving a high ranking position in children’s shoes sector. High quality combined with affordable prices and a wide range of shoe designs for ages 0...

  • Neoset Group

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    Become part of our family Neoset is a group of companies with a wide range of furnishing products concerning the house, office and hotel industry. Today, NEOSET Group is a market leader in furniture manufacturing and distribution with more than 120 stores in Greece and abroad. “International expansion is part of our plan” The successful course started in the early 80’s from a small store in ...


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    Woman leads- fashion follows With 30 years of history in the fashion industry, Raxevsky is one of the leading companies, in production and selling of female clothing in Greece. Since 1995 Raxevsky has opened 69 stores showing dynamic development and progress in Greece and abroad.  With their quality, perfect tailoring, inspiration and good taste, Raxevsky clothes always follow and adopt world...


    Rédigé le 19/05/2011


    SUCCESS AL METRO! The title is enough to demonstrate the difference of “Zio Peppe Pizza al metro”! It all started back in 1996 in the island of Rhodes, when Ms Theodoropoulou decided to develop her expertise in Italian pizza. As a result, she presented to the local market a new product “pizza by the meter”. This innovative product gives the absolute freedom to the customer, to enjoy fresh pi...

  • Oxette Jewels & Watches

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    Oxette is a Greek brand of Perideo S.A which operates in the field of manufacturing, distribution and sales jewels, watches and fashion accessories. With over 25 year’s experience, Perideo S.A has succeeded a strong presence not only in Greece but abroad as well.                      Dynamic expansion First launched in Thessaloniki in 1998, Oxette drew the attention of the customers and the m...