Welcome to Hans & Gretel, the land of sweet temptations and candy dreams. This is where children become part of a fairy tale and grownups let the magic carry them away. Enchanting like no other, the Hans & Gretel concept stores create the magic potion of franchising!

With a selection of some of the best sweets and candies from all over the world, the store has become a top destination for unique sweet experiences, while it’s magical atmosphere makes every visit special.

At Hans & Gretel you can find the famous chimney cake from Czech Republic with the sweet smell of cinnamon and sugar. The fluffy, eye – catching cotton candy ice cream cone straight from England. Colorful, fruity jellybeans and mini pancakes with a secret recipe from Holland. Caramelized nuts from Belgium, fish waffles from New York, bubble waffles from Hong Kong and the list goes on. This is the magical product mix of Hans & Gretel that makes the stores stand out anywhere they open.

But it is not just the products that make Hans & Gretel the most exciting concept store. It is also the fairy tale on which the concept is based.  Hans & Gretel is the home of the good witch Emily, Hans and Gretel and their parents Melita and Ernesto. They all have their own special role, and guide visitors through their visit making them feel part of the story. From the very first moment the characters become an integral part of the store which thrills customers and ensure multiple visits.

By becoming a Hans & Gretel franchise business owner, this could be the most exciting franchise opportunity you’ve always dreamed about. Hans & Gretel offers a broad range of deliciously different candies and a fun, original guest experience.

You don’t need prior experience to open your own Hans & Gretel. All you need is passion for magic, sweet tastes and happy customers. Thanks to the full training and the thorough operations the company provides, the franchisee opens a store ready to operate and easy to manage from the first day. Meanwhile, the standardized procedures included in the franchise package make the production of the sweets very easy for the staff, while maintaining the same quality and taste.

The Hans & Gretel franchise opportunity concept appeals to a wide potential guest base – tourists, locals and people of all ages and comes in 5 different types, depending on the needs of the market.

If you want a profitable and low cost investment, join the magical family of Hans & Gretel!

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