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Massalia’s gastronomic journey began in 2010 and it wasn’t long before it’s creative dishes started drawing attention from all over Greece. Because Massalia has something unique about it. It combines the true philosophy of meze with the authentic tastes of the Medittaranean cuisine, served with a twist. And this is what makes Massalia an efficient and profitable franchise concept.

The founders of Massalia, with perennial experience and passion for the catering industry, are dedicated in taking the visitors to a journey of tastes and offer an exciting experience in multiple levels. How? By creating a casual friendly environment where one can try remarkable drinks and dishes served by an experienced staff.

The Massalia team has succeeded in building a distinctive brand identity which never stops to evolve. By investing in targeted marketing actions and by maintaining a strong presence in the social media, the restaurant shows a steady, rising course and makes new devoted fans every day.

The experience they have gained through all these years makes the founders of Massalia the ideal collaborators if one wants to start a catering business. Why? Because through this experience they are in position to transfer their know-how and passion and give their franchisee an easy to manage restaurant.

The restaurant’s collaborations with reliable producers and the automated procedures ensure the high quality products and make it easier for the franchisee to concentrate in the everyday restaurant operations and the expansion of his customer base.

Meanwhile, the franchisors offer complete training both for the franchisee and the staff he will hire. By the end of the training, they will know everything, from the making of dishes to the service and management.

Additionally, the Massalia franchisee will also gain guidance on the selection of the right location, have the advantage of exclusive territory and benefit from the continuous support the network offers.

In the competitive industry of catering, the Massalia franchisee has the chance to become partners with a strong, well tested company with experience and passion.

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