FRANCHISE SUCCESS is the first Greek franchise magazine since 1998 and constitutes the portal to the Greek franchise market.  Through the magazine (4 issues per year and one annual edition PANORAMA FRANCHISE), the web site: and the portal:, it is the most reliable source and essential tool for Greek investors that want to invest on international brands and for Greek companies that desire to expand their business abroad.  It provides an overall promotion to the advertised companies through special campaigns including direct marketing, web marketing, e- mail marketing etc.

FRANCHISE SUCCESS is a multidimensional tool that enhances the credibility of the Greek and foreign franchise companies and provides the entrepreneur with all the credible and up to date information for building and growing a successful franchise business. It has the widest and constantly updated franchise business database as well as the biggest database with candidate franchisees and master franchisees. It enhances its essentiality through advisory articles by leading franchise experts, newsletters with the latest franchise launches and profitable business opportunities. It is an interactive means of communication as it organizes conferences, events and workshops.