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Mr. Panagiotis Roussopoulos Managing Director of THE FRANCHISE CO. indicated the opportunities arisen through franchising for the self employed during his speech at the 2nd Careers FORUM on 22-23 October 2011. The speech had as theme “entrepreneurship and franchising: a dynamic alternative option for the entrepreneur”. He highlighted that franchising and entering in a network is the right choice for people that seek for a job and have the adequate qualifications, capabilities and willingness to work. People that have been redundant or want to become self employed have experience and corporate and management culture, characteristics that render them appropriate to become franchisees.”

The audience had the opportunity to learn how they can become successful by starting their own business under the umbrella of franchising. Franchising can be considered as an alternative for professional development.

THE FRANCHISE CO. is always responsive to fairs and events in order to promote the benefits of franchising and enhance entrepreneurship in Greece. THE FRANCHISE CO. thanks to its experience and know-how not only for the Greek market but also abroad can support Greek entrepreneurs to start their business in franchising in Greece and abroad.

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