The dominant business mode in the 21st Century-franching is the most effective marketing mode of product distributions and services of the modern business. Since it came into China, it has been kept growing continuously and rapidly. Its unique win-win charm has won the favor of all enterprises and investors and it is the most excellent shortcut for enterprises to develop and grow up rapidly. More and more enterprises are adopting the franchising business mode to optimize and integrate the traditional marketing network and realize the quick expansion of enterprises and improve the competitiveness of enterprises at low cost by means of franchising.

Guangzhou International Franchise Expo, recognized  as the largest scale franchise expo in South China Region at present, has become the most direct and effective platform for franchise enterprise who want to expand their franchise  and occupies market in China. And the best platform for investors who want to invest. The last expo was reported by many major medias,  Tens of thousands of people came to the Expo and investment talks were in full swing. It has lifted an upsurge of investment in China and has been recognized by many franchise enterprises and all investors. With the construction of “9+2” Pan-Pearl River Delta Cooperation Ring Super Economic Zone and the work division and cooperation of the Great Pearl River Delta, more and broader business opportunities will be brought for all enterprises.

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